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Nutrition is the act of providing the body with all that it needs to grow, flourish, repair and stay completely healthy in all life stages.  

At Canine Nutrition UK we will help you, through assessment, discussion and then a bespoke Health Plan keep your canine family members healthy in all life stages.

It's the old adage, you are what you eat!


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Owners have far more options on what to feed their canine family member, but do you really know what goes into commercial dog food?  

The governing body for the production of dog food, The Food Standards Agency states; "for pets, the main part of the risk assessment when setting the maximum permitted levels for undesirable substances will generally be to the extent to which the animal can tolerate them".  


It is horrifying to read the lack of the legal requirements, thus making it essential that you understand the contents of your dog food.

This is where, as a Canine Nutrition Specialist, we are aware of the impact on your dog's health and how their diet can help

  • increase energy levels,

  • regulate behavioural issues,

  • promote weight loss (obese dogs are more prone to diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure, skin disease, liver and kidney disease, decreased life expectancy by 2 years),

  • assist with ongoing medical issues (like Addisons, Cushings, diabetes) or

  • just simply to give your puppy the best possible start.