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Meet Some of the Resident Gang
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Laura Hurt SCMA

Canine Nutrition Specialist

Our Story

After 30 years of owning a variety of spaniels, salukis, mixed breeds and brittanys, establishing a licensed dog walking and home boarding business in Canada in 2006 which relocated to the UK, I have come into contact with hundreds of dogs.  Canine Nutrition UK is passionate about supporting owners and their pet's health and happiness needs.

Working with veterinary professionals in Canada, Europe and the UK has provided a clear path highlighting the lack of nutritional and holistic service available for dog owners.

Just like people, every single furry family member is unique and each has special or specific requirements to aid their health.  I have seen severely overweight and obese dogs, emaciated skeletal dogs, dogs with fur loss, digestion issues, behavioural problems and once medical issues are eliminated, nutrition and environment are often the key to assisting them.

After completing the Canine Nutrition Diploma (accredited by the Complementary Medical Association) covering nutrition, digestion, immunity, vitamins, obesity, cancer, over vaccinating, immune related illnesses linked to insecticides, skin & natural options and doing a wealth of external research into the current feeding options, I can help with consultation and ultimately a Health Plan.  

Based in Lincolnshire, all consults can be online or telephone.

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